Determinants of HADR mission success: exploring the experience of the Malaysian army

Type: Article


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to empirically explore issues in humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HADR) missions and examine the effects of selected factors on mission success. The paper focusses on organisational perspectives of the Malaysian army due to their extensive experience in HADR operations.

Design/methodology/approach: Interactions among three broad factors namely human resource, logistics and coordination, as well as their effects on mission performance, were examined. A qualitative approach was chosen because it allowed for an exploratory yet a more in-depth analysis of the issues.

Author(s): Aida Idris and Saiful Nizam Che Soh

Published in: Disaster Prevention and Management, Vol. 23, Issue 4, pp. 455-468

Published by: Emerald Publishing Limited

Publication date: 29 July 2014

Pages: 13

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TOPICS / Subjects

  • Resilience
  • Civil Military Cooperation
  • Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR)
  • Human Security

Other Key Words: Malaysia 

Citation and abstract used with permission of Emerald Publishing Limited from “Determinants of HADR mission success: exploring the experience of the Malaysian army” by Aida Idris and Saiful Nizam Che Soh, published in Disaster Prevention and Management, Vol. 23, Issue 4, copyright 2024; permission conveyed through Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.