Civil-Miliary Cooperation in Disaster and Emergency Response: Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities

Type: Article

Description: "Civilian authorities increasingly request military involvement in national emergencies and (inter)national disasters. This article aims to contribute to our understanding of these new civil-military interactions. The authors first reflect on three themes: (1) guidelines, principles, and goals of civil-military cooperation; (2) domain consensus through civil-military agreement on the allocation of areas of responsibility; and (3) militarization processes. The authors describe how these themes feature in traditional, expeditionary civil-military cooperation and in these new civil-military partnerships. Next, the authors consider the effects of the growing military role in emergencies and disasters on civil-military relations. The article concludes with some recommendations and a research agenda."

Author(s): Myriame Bollen, PhD; and Jori Pascal Kalkman, PhD

Published in: Journal of Advanced Military Studies (JAMS), Vol. 13, No. 1, 2022, pp. 79-91 

Publisher(s): Marine Corps University Press (MCUP), Quantico, VA

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  • Adaptation
  • Civil-Military Cooperation
  • Human Security