Acapulco's Unending Nightmare

Subtitle: Embark on an Exploration of Corruption, Catastrophe, and Courage in Mexico 

Type: Report

Description: "In the wake of Hurricane Otis’ devastating strike on Acapulco, the beach paradise found itself thrust into a nightmarish ordeal. The storm’s destructive force triggered the vulnerabilities deeply embedded in Mexico’s disaster response mechanisms, exposing a complex web of stresses, including corruption and government inefficiencies. Cascade Institute’s Gabriela Vieyra-Balboa delves into the heart of the matter, peeling back layers of systemic issues that extend far beyond the aftermath of a single natural disaster. 

Shedding light on the controversial decision to dismantle FONDEN, a critical resource meant for disaster management, the author reveals a paradoxical reality where, despite promises to combat corruption, the current administration under President Andrés Manuel López-Obrador (AMLO) seems entangled in a web of questionable business dealings regarding the allocation of resources and the aid reaching the disaster-stricken populace. 

Against the backdrop of bureaucratic shortcomings and political maneuvering, Dr. Vieyra-Balboa interweaves stories of human resilience featuring the victims of Hurricane Otis, their struggles, and the promises of aid, which capture the stark contrast between official declarations and the ground realities. Follow the link and embark on an exploration that transcends headlines and challenges our perceptions."

Author(s):  Gabriela E. Vieyra-Balboa

Publisher(s): Cascade Institute

Publicatin Date:  30 November 2023

Pages: 22

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TOPICS / Subjects:            

  • Resilience
  • Vulnerability
  • Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
  • Best Practices / Lessons Learned
  • Civil Military Cooperation
  • Reconstruction
  • CLIMATE AND SECURITY Human Security  

Other Key Words: Mexico