Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD)

Type(s): Think Tank

Scope: International


Center for the Study for Democracy (CSD) is a European public policy institute, which combines research excellence with advocacy for piloting social innovation and institutional reforms across several areas, including energy governance, energy security, energy transition, economic development, and innovation. CSD’s mission is building bridges between scholars and policy makers.

CSD recognised early on the importance of a holistic approach to energy security, energy transition and good governance, and was among the first European think-tanks to develop actionable policy strategies for cost-effective, transparent, and sustainable energy transition.

Key Activities

The organization brings three decades of track record of providing in-depth, data-driven policy expertise, actionable policy recommendations and impact in a number of energy and climate areas. CSD has extensive global experience in delivering energy transition policies and strategies, developed in close cooperation with policymakers, experts, business leaders, civil society and other key stakeholders through state-of-the-art community engagement, foresight instruments. 


Featured Action(s) 

The evidence-based policy instrument Energy & Climate Security Risk Index (ECSRI) developed by CSD allows to monitor and assess European Union member-states’ progress against different dimensions of energy security risks (geopolitical, affordability, reliability, and sustainability). This has helped identify early on and track EU’s energy dependence and subsequent de-risking and decoupling efforts from Russia. 

Featured Publication(s) 

Sanctions Evasion and Derogation on Russian Oil

Moving Forward Together: Energy and Climate Security for Ukraine and Europe

Winds of Change: Offshore Renewable Energy for a More Secure and Resilient Central and Eastern Europe

Strategic Decoupling: Phasing Out Russian Economic Influence in Germany

Developing Alternative Visions for Assessing Progress to Sustainable Development "Beyond GDP"

Featured Portal(s) / Database(s) 

Energy & Climate Security Risk Index

Featured Event(s)

Europe's Energy and Climate Security: Lessons from the Kremlin Playbook 

Countering the Kremlin Playbook in the Black Sea Region

The Future of Natural Gas in Southeast Europe: Diversification and Phase-Out

Energy (In)Security and Good Governance in Moldova

TOPICS / Subjects

  • Adaptation
  • Mitigation
  • Energy Security
  • Vulnerable Groups
  • Poverty
  • Environmental / Climate Justice
  • International Cooperation Mechanisms
  • National Security
  • International Security

Other Key Words:

  • Energy Transition
  • Green energy governance
  • Foreign influence and energy security
  • Anti-corruption
  • Foreign malign influence and economic coercion
  • Green innovation
  • Economic security