UNDP Global Risk Identification Program

Today, analysts, practitioners and decision-makers often struggle to comprehend the increasing complexity of our world and can lack the knowledge, skills, partnerships and analytical instruments to understand volatility in its multiple manifestations.

The Agenda 2030 provides a common framework for both humanitarian and development actors to work together with the objective to successfully address the needs of the most vulnerable and at-risk populations, leaving no one behind. There is a consensus around the importance to confront risk and to focus on resilience to achieve the Agenda 2030.

The current humanitarian, peace and development systems – national entities and international actors - are ill-equipped to plan, prepare and implement effectively and comprehensively in light of complexity. Other communities of practice – in the private sector, in the security domain, or the worlds of insurance and international finance, research, technology and communications – also struggle to address complexity. Decision-makers in high risk countries and fragile settings are especially challenged to define the scope of such risks, to identify and address root causes, to mitigate, prevent or prepare for crises.

Website: https://www.undp.org/geneva/global-risk-platform