Alexander Verbeek
CG Member / EDRC


Alexander Verbeek is Policy Director, EDRC / Co-Coordinator, BDCD / Member, GMACCC.

Alexander is also an independent advisor on global issues related to climate, security, water, food, energy, and resources. He collaborates with governments, businesses, think-tanks, and civil society agencies to create solutions for the environmental, security, resource, and demographic challenges of the 21st Century.

Alexander served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Netherlands Navy (1990-1991) and was a diplomat for the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1992 until 2016. His last position was Strategic Policy Advisor on Global Issues in the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He had postings in Vienna (OSCE), Bonn, and London. At MFA headquarters in The Hague, he also worked in the Middle East Department, twice in the security department, and for several years in the Asia department.

Alexander founded the Institute for Planetary Security and developed the Planetary Security Initiative, leading the team that prepared the first Planetary Security Conference in the Peace Palace in The Hague in November 2015. From 2016 until 2018, he was the Chairman of the Board of Advisors of this initiative.