Project CASA at a Glance

The project on Climate and Security Action through Civil-Military Cooperation in Climate-Related Emergencies (Project CASA) studies the extent to which NATO and selected non-NATO countries have engaged their national militaries in responding to climate-related emergencies.

It examines trends in these responses over time, the degree to which national militaries have the resources and mechanisms needed to prepare for and respond to these emergencies, and the consequences for force composition and readiness from participation in civil protection operations. The project does so through an interdisciplinary network of experts who will collect, analyse, and publish data on relevant military activities and civil-military cooperation.

The project aims to provide actionable data for decision makers, stakeholders, and the wider public on how militaries are working together with civilian emergency management agencies within countries and across international borders.

BILOXI, UNITED STATES - Sep 06, 2005: Airmen from Keesler AFB deliver bottled water to Hurricane Katrina victims. Photo from Wirestock Creators, Shutterstock

The project is a joint initiative of five partner organisations led by the Environment & Development Resource Centre with the support of the Canadian Department of Defence.

Project Activities include:

  • A Dataset on Military Involvement in Climate-Related Emergencies;
  • Country Profiles on Civil-Military Cooperation in Climate-Related Emergencies;
  • Profiles of International / intergovernmental organizations (ICOs) and international mechanisms;
  • An interactive Resource Guide on research and action on civil-military cooperation;
  • A Project Reader which includes original articles, photo stories, interviews with the experts and in-depth analytical papers and essays submitted by project participants;
  • An international meeting to present and discuss the draft findings and recommendations;
  • The final Report with the main results of the country profiles, IGO profiles, and dataset analysis; and
  • A follow up workshop (tbc) on Climate and Security Action: The Role of Civil-Military Cooperation.

Project CASA is a particpatory research project designed to promote extensive involvement of the project experts and effective engagement with a wider audience keen on sharing experiences and information on civil-military coopeation in climate related emergencies.

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